Maharana Pratap or Pratap Singh – The Warrior and Battle of Haldighati

Maharana Pratap - The Warrior
Maharana Pratap – The Warrior

Maharana Pratap was a king of Mewar. Pratap was born in Kumbhalgarh Fort, Rajasthan on 9 May 1540 and died  in Chawand, Rajasthan on  29 January 1597. he was eldest son of Maharaja Udai Singh II the youngest son of Maharana Sangha who had fought Babar, and for whom Panna Dhai had sacrificed her own son.

  1. Maharana Pratap’s Height : 7ft 5 inches
  2. Weight of Maharana Pratap’s Bhala(Spear) : 80 Kg
  3. Weight of Maharana Pratap’s Armor : 72 Kg
  4. Weight of Maharana Pratap’s Shoes : 5 kg shoe each
  5. Weight of his two swords : 25 kg each

Battle of Haldighati

The Mughal emperor Akbar was intent on securing a stable route to Gujarat through Mewar. Akbar had sent his messenger several times but Pratap refused to personally submit to Akbar. When Akbar could not convince Maharana Pratap for the merger. he decided to capture the Mewar by sending an army under the leadership of Aamer Raja Mansingh.

on 18 June 1576 The battle of Haldighati, which took place between Akbar and Pratap in the most intense confrontation of history. To fight the huge Mughal army, Maharana Pratap had an army of just 3,000 horsemen and some Bhil archers. While the army of Mughals had 10 thousand horsemen, elephants and artillery.

Maharana Pratap - Haldi Ghati
Maharana Pratap – Haldi Ghati

There was a four hours continuous war between the two armies. Maharana Pratap himself attacked Man Singh, who led the Mughal army. But Pratap’s horse Chetak was badly injured. After a fierce battle lasting more than three hours, Pratap found himself wounded and the day lost. Maharana Pratap men suggested him to leave the battle.

After Chetak was injured, the Maharana withdrew from the war and Mughals won the battle. Chetak was bleeding heavily and he collapsed after jumping over a small brook a few kilometres away from the battlefield. The casualties for Mewar numbered around 1,600 men. The Mughal army lost 150 men, with another 350 wounded.

Despite all this, he did not give up. In the coming years Maharana strengthened the army and re-established itself. Pratap resumed the tactics of guerrilla warfare.

Pratap received much assistance from Bhamashah, a trusted general and aide of Pratap, who along with his brother Tarachand looted Mughal territory of Malwa and offered this large booty to Pratap to carry on his fight against Mughal. Bhamashah was promoted to post of Prime Minister after this by Pratap.

In the coming years, he had re-established his rule over a considerable portion of Mewar except Chittor.

Maharana Pratap died died at Chavand which served as his capital on 29 January 1597. Maharana Pratap’s son Amar singh fought 17 wars with the Mughals. Due to heavy loss of manforce and artillery he conditionally accepted mughals as rulers.

The temple of Chetak was also built, which is now safe in Haldighati.

Mewar Rajgharana is still the oldest monarchy in the world after that of Japan

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