Indian Cobra – One of the The Big Four Snakes

Indian cobra is a one of the most venomous snake in the world and are profusely found in Indian subcontinent. They are famous and unique for displaying their beautiful hoods.

Indian cobras are for long time revere in Indian mythology and culture.

Indian cobras are considered to be more intelligent than most of other snakes and also very adaptive.

Indian cobra  generally eat small mammals, reptiles, amphibian.

Indian cobra size range from 1 to 2.2 meters (3.3 to 7.2 ft) in length and their color vary with mostly black also found in dark brown and cream coloration.

Indian cobra mostly found in rain forests or bamboo forests and in agricultural land and human inhabitants.

Indian cobra is one of the big four snakes of South Asia which are responsible for human deaths by snakebite in Asia

Indian cobra venom yield per bite is between 169 and 250 mg.

Indian cobra shows its typical posture with raising to its one third of its body and elongate its hood When threatened.

Indian cobras protected in India under the Indian Wildlife Protection Act.

In India almost every year more than 10000 people are died of cobra’s bite


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