Aryabhata II – An Indian Mathematician and Astronomer

Aryabhata II (c. 920 – c. 1000) was an Indian mathematician and astronomer. He wrote an astronomical treatise, Maha-Siddhanta. He came into prominence during 950 AD.

Maha-Siddhanta consists of 18 chapters and 625 verses which is written in Sanskrit. He included a special chapter on Kuttaka which provides an integral solution to the indeterminate equations of the first degree. The book includes topics such as geometry, geography and algebra, and used to calculate the longitudes of the planets. He covered the positions of the planets and their conjunctions with each other and the stars, eclipses of the sun and moon, and the phases and rising and setting of the moon and planets.

Aryabhata II played a important role in it by constructing a sine table, which was accurate up to five decimal places.

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